my painted toe

immobilized salon client

daddy toenail painting

Laid up after tearing my ACL, Stella goes to town painting my toenails

I’m no stranger to beauty products out there. My wife and I have done numerous pre-beard era (PBA) mud masks and Biore pore strips. I figured I would not be immune to such shenanigans when I had kids.

My oldest daughter LOVES getting her nails painted. She sits incredibly still for a 2 year old, even waiting patiently as her nails dry.  Once she is confident that her nails are perfect, she moves on to her favorite client’s big hairy toes. Most recently, when I was immobilized from an ACL tear (damn you Defy Gravity, damn you), it presented a perfect opportunity for some nail painting. She’s pretty good at it, which is surprising since she can’t color with 20 feet of the lines on a coloring book.

Not gonna lie I enjoy it a tad bit. The coolness of the “hot pink schnozberries” paint applied on the toenail is slightly refreshing, and let’s get real, the smell of the nail polish remover can be invigorating.

My toes are always demanding a double take, as I find myself sockless quite a bit, especially at all of my doctors appointments as part of the ACL recovery. It’s my daddy badge of pride, “Yeah, my 2 year old did that, and now I’m pretty as hell”.

Now its been 2.5 months since my last application and while my nail is not as gloriously presentable, it’s still in good shape and maybe ready for some Kentucky blue, just in time for March Madness.


Icing knee down admiring my daughters handiwork

Icing knee down admiring my daughters handiwork

Ready for a touch up

Ready for a touch up

Closeup. So pretty.

Closeup. So pretty.

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2 thoughts on “my painted toe

  1. Wendy says:

    Poor daddy, Stella will repaint your toe this weekend. 🙂


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