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Yeah, I’m not in trouble at all.

Last night, my wife brought up the idea of taking our oldest daughter shopping. At first, this didn’t seem out of the ordinary, as she goes shopping with her quite often. However, she quietly slipped in the last part of the sentence after a brief pause, “Because I want her to pick out some clothes.” WHAT?! She couldn’t be serious…oh but she was. She said, “I want her to walk around the store and pick out things that SHE wants to wear.” She’s three! This sort of stuff isn’t supposed to happen for like another decade, right?

First and foremost, some back story. In the last six months, Camryn has become obsessed with dressing herself. It’s usually pretty harmless and she’s actually pretty good at matching things up. She’s taken mental notes on all the things her mom and I have dressed her in and done a pretty good job of coordinating outfits on her own. The issue comes in with the frequency — like we’re talking two or three outfit changes a day. When she’s playing Barbies it’s one outfit, and when Barbie and Bitty Baby want to go to the imaginary park, well, that calls for an outfit change. Heck, today we woke up and she had herself completely dressed head to toe. We don’t need to focus on the fact is was sparkly leggings, flowing top and flip flops.

In her mind, certain shoes go with certain pants/shorts and a tutu skirt go with EVERYTHING. She calls them her “Princess Skirts” and while I know they’re cute and the fact that she feels pretty in them is heart-warming, but every time she puts one on all I want to do is call her Ace Ventura. Not only is it one of my favorite movies, but the fact she puts tutu skirts over an outfit that doesn’t match at all makes it a dead ringer for Jim Carrey.

ace tutu

How Cam looks 60% of the time.

So my wife called today and said, “Pray for me. We are headed to Carter’s.” She’s a brave soul, but I think the she’s letting the illusion of shopping with her daughters, something she always wanted, cloud up her vision. Realistically, she’s heading into a retail store with a 10-month old who grabs everything and threenager.  I’m not much of a betting man, but this could turn into a scene straight out of the Ace Ventura play book. God speed, Samantha.


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