in the beginning there was milk – pt 1

Stella & me! 6 mo

Stella & me! 6 mo

There’s milk. There was always milk. Granted, with our first child, Stella, it came in low and slow like a good brisket strategy. But for Nora, baby #2, it produced hard and fast, more suitable for searing steak. It still pretty much amazes me that a food source can squirt, quite aggressively, out of a breast. Fascinating really, but a little bit frustrating as if you walk in the vicinity of Them, my wife, Wendy, will flinch in fear that they are going to be touched and run away.

power of the pump

We have been an exclusive pump‘n feed household for both girls. So, my wife has logged some serious hours on that little Medela machine- mainly since they were both NICU babies (29 weeks and 35 weeks) and they didn’t catch on (or should I say latch on) quick enough straight from the source in order to expedite their stay. However, I still recall the first time the breast pump was used and I “lol” every time I tell it.

Medela was alien, it came on wheels, it was “hospital-grade” (read: “Industrial”), it meant serious business. Wendy asked me to turn it on as it was out of reach. There was a button or two and a dial on it. So, I pushed a Medela Breast Pumpbutton and nothing happened. She instructed me to turn the dial as that’s how it turns on, so I cranked it up to a 10…because duh why would you not? What I saw next has haunted my dreams—a nipple stretched the length of the cone tube thingy and my wife’s eye popping out of her skull, mouth agape, with a silent, paralyzing cry of pain.

I never did that again.

shut off valve

So with Stella, Wendy maintained her religious pumping schedule for a good 7 months, with the goal of making it until the New Year, and then we would use our ample frozen supply to make it close to a year on breast milk. But then she found her automatic shut-off valve—Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping. Literally after 3 workouts it was gone, the spigot was shut off and we moved on to the 1.700 oz of frozen milk and then  on to formula! So that lesson was learned, and already the experience with Nora is shaping to be quite different, but much more impressive!

Hang on for Part II, since I know you are dying to read more about things like breast milk, frozen milk inventory, freezer space, and selling breast milk.

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