in the beginning there was milk – pt 2

full capacity momma milk farm

So we covered the basics about our first child and breast milk from our last post, now here’s when then boobs get impressive- and we have a chart to prove it! So far, 4 months in to baby Nora’s life, it is turning into a remarkable milk bonanza. The sheer and utter volume of it all (yes there is a pun in there) is slightly bewildering. The quantities being doled out, have classified Wendy now as an “over-producer”. Bottles are being exchanged mid-session, but we finally got smart…and bought 10 oz pumping bottles. If there was an adapter, the next step is to hook a ½ 20160313_083934gallon milk jug up!

Already we have more frozen than we did at the peak with Stella. Medela has developed A.I. and is now consuming our life! We just treat it as part of the family joining us to the zoo, to the car, to the basement, to work, to the backyard, and we now have a spot for Medela at our dining table. Everywhere I turn, my wife is hooked to tubing.

toddler and medela

It’s funny, now doing all of this with a 2 year old girl in the house. She was VERY inquisitive, asking things like – “what’s that?”, “can you eat it?”, “is it owie?” She learned the words boobies (actually not from us!) and then she put it all together where she explains to us that “mommies boobies are making food for Nora”.

We think she loves Medela, it must look fun for her. She regularly turns it on to feel the little puffs of air whishing out of the tubing. In fact, for Christmas this last year she wanted an Elmo and “pink pumps”… luckily they don’t make them in pink.

Stella Pink Pumps

She wanted pink “pumps” from Santa. She know where these go, but they are way more fun over your eyes and ears!

running out of freezer space


2000 oz – Running out of room!

So with Nora eating only 4-5 oz per feeding and Wendy producing enough for the day in two cow-ing out sessions, that leaves an abundance to freeze. We recently had to triple our freezer size and as you can see, there is shrinking room to house my meat that I like to stock up on for the BBQ smoking  season- which is year round.

And because we always get asked “what’s the most Wendy has pumped” and “how long does it take?” we’ll just get it all out there now since all of this has probably been TMI.

  • Momma’s most- 24oz – 25 minutes.
  • Momma’s average: 8-12oz – 10-15 minutes

Bless Wendy’s heart, as she is meticulous in her labeling, pouring, measuring and then logging frozen inventory, so we can always be aware of what’s on hand and can start calculating our exit strategy. Because of her great Excel spreadsheet, I’m able to chart it so we can see all that hard work represented by some lines and numbers.

With this trajectory she’ll hit 4000 ozs by June and I would hope she can get out of the “pump-game” for good in August and free those nipples from their shields. We’ll unless we find a buyer…but that’s a post for another day.

frozen breast milk inventory graph



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