Meet the Dads


Troy the DAD

I’m a DAD of two little girls (’13 and ’15) and a husband to my wonderful wife. I have a lady Shih-tzu, Laila, and got my man-dog, Dozer. My life probably isn’t much different than the average dad out there right now, but there seems to be some interesting daily events and  random ideas passing through my brain on an average day. I love smoking meats, drinking beer, sipping bourbon and grooming my beard. I run around a lot with my family, especially to the Henry Doorly Zoo which is our go-to-spot in 2016. My kayaks hang idly by on my garage wall and my landscaping needs tended to.

Adam the DAD

Much like Troy, I too have two little girls as well (’13 and ’15). While I may not be very good at producing a child with X and Y chromosomes, I couldn’t imagine my life without girls. Coming from someone who admittedly always wanted boys and thought they’d have nothing but boys, having nothing but girls has given me a whole new outlook on life. I’m a very “outdoorsy” person, and you will always find me hunting or fishing for something. Spending time with my family is my favorite pastime, and when I’m not with them, I’m usually knee-deep in a river with my fly rod, or climbing a mountain in search of big game.



One thought on “Meet the Dads

  1. Troy's Mom says:

    Troy’s Dad and I can speak loudly from experience of raising two girls. You both are in for a real treat, let me tell you. Lots of pros and cons to having girls. So much drama, and yet so much fun dressing them, getting them out the door for a prom date, and then marrying them off to wonderful son-in-laws. In the end they will always be there for you, but I caution you through the growing up stage, it has it’s joys and battles, that is for sure. Happy writing to both of you.


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