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in the beginning there was milk – pt 2

full capacity momma milk farm

So we covered the basics about our first child and breast milk from our last post, now here’s when then boobs get impressive- and we have a chart to prove it! So far, 4 months in to baby Nora’s life, it is turning into a remarkable milk bonanza. The sheer and utter volume of it all (yes there is a pun in there) is slightly bewildering. The quantities being doled out, have classified Wendy now as an “over-producer”. Bottles are being exchanged mid-session, but we finally got smart… Continue reading

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in the beginning there was milk – pt 1

Stella & me! 6 mo

Stella & me! 6 mo

There’s milk. There was always milk. Granted, with our first child, Stella, it came in low and slow like a good brisket strategy. But for Nora, baby #2, it produced hard and fast, more suitable for searing steak. It still pretty much amazes me that a food source can squirt, quite aggressively, out of a breast. Fascinating really, but a little bit frustrating as if you walk in the vicinity of Them, my wife, Wendy, will flinch in fear that they are going to be touched and run away. Continue reading

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