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the pregnancy countdown – a man’s guide


Camryn the day we told her she was being promoted to Big Sister!

There is no doubt that becoming a dad was and will always be the greatest thing that ever happened to me. The fact that it has happened twice is even more awesome. The first time around, I was inundated with tidbits and advice from people. While they always had the best of intentions, the one thing that I learned quickly after becoming a parent, is that everyone does it differently and someone’s right is someone else’s wrong. Find what works for you and just do that. It’s weird how the advice just stopped though once we had number two on the way. Maybe that’s because they now know you have your own way of doing things and by the looks of your perfectly heathy, functioning ,cute toddler, you don’t need to rely on the opinion of others? Bingo!

So, now that I had the dad t-shirt already, during this second pregnancy I decided to journal along during Samantha’s pregnancy. What started out as a great stress reliever, turned into something quite fun. I wrote it from the perspective of a guy who has been there once, and is trying to provide a full look at the pregnancy in weeks for any new dads. I never told Samantha I was doing it, and shortly after we got home from the hospital, I let her read it. Continue reading

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